Designing & weaving a small tapestry

Back in August I did a workshop with The Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne to learn about the considerations that we should think about when creating a small tapestry piece. What is actually considered 'small'? My answer was doll house scale. Turns out 'small' is abit larger than that (~10cm-15cm). The challenge was that I needed to design, prepare then execute the completed piece within the 2-day workshop. Two thirds of the way in, I almost gave up. Thankfully my teacher's voice kept reminding me "You can finish this. You can". And how right she was! I was exhausted physically but my mind was buzzing from excitement and the rewarding feeling of accomplishing something I didn't think possible. Thank you Cresside! Here are some images of my 2 day journey. Plus some extra pics of the incredible studio space. Enjoy.