New weaving workshop date released

I'm so excited to announce the next weaving workshop for 2016. It will be a Beginner's class but will be jammed packed with skills that can take students to the next Intermediate level if they choose too. This particular workshop will be a special one because I have been working with a very kind hearted friend, Paul Griffin, who has created the 'Boom Loom' for this particular workshop. For the past 6 months, I have been developing ideas with Melbourne maker Paul so that students in this class will get to take home a unique loom that will allow them the flexility to warp up at any width. Which means that small-scale projects such as doll house rugs etc can also be made on this loom.

Next workshop Date: Saturday 19th November 2016. More details and bookings on workshop can be found  here.  

Here are some happy moments captured by my wonderful assistant Kathleen Cunningham of our last workshop in June 2016.