B FOR BRIAN was founded by Haily Tran who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Haily is a creative who makes woven tapestry wall art  and is inspired by her love for colour, fibre, nature and music.  In admiration of all different art forms, Haily wanted to create a place that not only houses her tapestry pieces but also the work of other inspirational makers who are local to Australia as well as other thoughtful makers from around the globe. 

In 2011, Haily started B FOR BRIAN with her work alone to raise funds for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Today, B FOR BRIAN has grown into a group of over 20 artists and makers to bring you a curated collection of painted artwork, handmade tapestry tools, ceramic pieces, wooden and linen homewares as well as natural body products. Everything has been thoughtfully made by local and international makers with the same philosophy in mind: "To encourage an ethical and mindful way of living". 

Please take a moment to get to know the makers behind the beautifully finished products you see. Under the BUY section, selected pieces of their work can be purchased, some of which are special collaborations that are unique to B FOR BRIAN. 

"We should all encourage an ethical and mindful way of living".






In Haily's studio: Brian, the brown mini-dachshund in a contemplative mood. Harvey, the not so 'mini' black & tan vacuum cleaner. 

All photographs shown on this website have been styled and photographed by Haily unless stated otherwise. 5% of all tapestry work made be Haily will be donated to The Education Institute of The Royal Children's Hospital.